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CFTS-Consulting was selected by the World Bank as the local coordinator of a number of transport projects in Ukraine

30 March 2016


CFTS-Consulting was appointed as a local coordinator of a number World Bank projects aimed at developing Ukrainian transport infrastructure. The World Bank is providing support to the Government of Ukraine through the advisory services to prioritize key areas of transport sector transformation. The key pillars for the advisory services are:

  • increasing the efficiency of export logistics of key cargoes (grains, metals);
  • increase in the efficiency of road transport and the prioritization of transport corridors;
  • enhancing the role of river transport and the development of the lower Dnieper;
  • improving urban mobility by promoting efficiency and resilience of urban freight transport

World Bank (WB) - the international financial organization established to organize the financial and technical assistance to developing countries. In 2016, the organization provided $ 64.2 billion for partner countries and private companies in the form of loans, grants, equity investments and guarantees.