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CFTS-Consulting completed the project of analysis of vectors of development of the transport operations of NCH

17 May 2016


The results of the research of CFTS-Consulting were used by NCH in the development of the transport business development program.

CFTS-Consulting conducted an analysis of the railway transportation and port grain transshipment market from the point of view of the supply and demand balance, the cost structure and the formation of the cost of services provided by railway and port operators. Based on the analysis, scenarios for the development of railway port sectors were developed, the most probable scenarios were identified, and target freight rate levels for railway transportation and grain transshipment in ports were also forecasted.

New Century Holding (NCH) is an American multinational investment group founded in 1993, headquartered in New York (USA). The group manages more than $ 3.5 billion in capital in the markets of Ukraine, Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, Brazil. In Ukraine, the group is the main investor of the group of companies "Agroprosperis", one of the largest landowners, producers and exporters of grain in the country.