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To properly evaluate competitive positions, identify new business opportunities, and protect against potential threats, transport companies need a deep understanding of the basic characteristics of the market of cargo transportation at the current time and the dynamics of its development in the future.

Analysis and forecast of the factors affecting the dynamics of cargo transportation allows creation of a balanced vision of the scenarios for development of the transport market in the future, as well as effective targeting of market share during the planning phase.

CFTS Consulting’s tools are capable to cover in full a company management’s needs for strategic information about the future state of the market. CFTS Consulting considers the following aspects when forecasting cargo transportation:

  • analysis and forecast of the dynamics of production and consumption of cargoes
  • analysis and forecast of the cargo base structure
  • analysis and forecast of the geography of cargo transportation
  • analysis and forecast of changes in the factors affecting the dynamics of cargo transportation

A distinguishing feature of CFTS Consulting’s products is its focus on providing comprehensive information about the volume and dynamics of key cargo traffic. The result of our work is analysis of the current situation and exhaustive argumentation of the basis for a forecast in the medium and long term.