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Analysis of cargo traffic in key commodity markets is one of the priority aspects of understanding the market of transport services. The basis for our analytical products is a comprehensive analysis of the state of commodity markets and the factors influencing the dynamics of their development.

We formulate an objective point of view that allows our clients to determine quickly and accurately the market factors that could significantly affect the course of their business processes.

CFTS Consulting has extensive experience in projects covering analysis of key economic sectors and specific regions. Our experts work closely with the leading players in the industry, which allows us to offer our clients objective and accurate information about the industry’s condition and prospects.

The high quality of CFTS Consulting’s analytical products is ensured by the team’s deep expertise in the metallurgical, ore mining, agriculture, and engineering sectors, as well as its access to unique in-house statistics, which allows the team to conduct a comprehensive and innovative analysis of the situation on the market.

Analytical products of CFTS Consultings are focused on cargo traffic on key export and import markets which is the principal difference of them . The high quality of the information in the products is ensured by access to unique statistics while the accuracy of analytical conclusions is ensured by our experts’ deep knowledge of the industry and our close ties to the leading players on the market.