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Every investor is interested in protecting himself against the loss of investment, as well as in earning maximum profit as compensation for his risks.

Neglecting to analyze an investment project can lead to implementation of an uncompetitive project as a whole, as well as an increase in cash shortages, problems with accounts payable, freezing of cash funds, and other problems that are critical to successful implementation of a project.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of investment projects minimizes the risk of failure of a project. Qualified team of specialists of CFTS Consulting evaluates the effectiveness of investment projects considering their commercial and financial feasibility.

Evaluation of an investment project consists of the following stages:

  • collection and processing of the input data for the project
  • analysis of the main characteristics of the project
  • analysis of the industry
  • forecast of the market’s development and the key factors affecting the project
  • development of an individual financial model
  • selection of the method of financing
  • comparative assessment of the effectiveness of investments

Unlike most consulting companies, experts with CFTS Consulting have direct experience of implementation of investment projects. This helps us to understand the goals and needs of our customers and professionally evaluate investment projects and their effectiveness.