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"Transport Legislation Monitoring" is a weekly review of the regulatory legal acts of legislative and executive government agencies, including draft laws and draft regulations.

It is important for participants of  the transport market to know what regulatory acts are planned for adoption and the possible consequences of their adoption.

The monitoring is performed through examination of the latest legislation in the transport industry and related industries. It determines the importance of this legislation to the industry and the possible consequences of its implementation.

The monitoring is a legal review that:

  • keeps abreast of the current initiatives on amendment of legislation
  • highlights changes to the current legislation
  • summarizes the essence of the changes and their implications

Timely monitoring of draft regulatory acts enables transport market participants to make their proposals when draft regulatory acts are being debated and increases the likelihood that their potential comments will be taken into account during adoption of draft regulatory acts. It also enables transport market participants to track the progress of draft regulatory acts until they enter into effect.