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As part of strategic planning, competitive analysis allows management to accurately determine the competitive position of its company under changing external conditions and to obtain a complete picture of the competitors operating in the segment. This forms the basis for making well-considered management decisions.

The components of competitive analysis depend on the specific requests of the client, and they can include a wide range of services, such as industry analysis, SWOT analysis, analysis of services price formation , segmentation of the customer base, analysis of opportunities and resources, analysis of the external environment, and others.

Analysis of the competitive environment allows transport and logistics companies to develop optimal operating models that allow them to make the best use of their competitive advantages and plan expansion on the market of transport services.

With strong expertise and extensive experience in the transport sector and a full understanding of the peculiarities of the sector, CFTS consultants are capable of providing customers with a comprehensive view of the competitive environment, the new players, and the changes in various segments of the market of transport services.