Центр транспортных стратегий

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Development and implementation of a company's strategy is the responsibility of its senior management. However, since adoption of strategic decisions involves high risks to a company's future, the additional expertise of independent experts may be required to ensure that weighted, qualified decisions are made. CFTS Consulting specializes in formulating strategic visions for companies in the transport sector.

Development of strategies for companies involved in transport, logistics, and infrastructure projects includes creation of a strategic vision of operations, planning of the steps that will implement the vision in reality, planning of the measures to achieve goals, and preparation of recommendations on implementation of the strategy.

Implementation of a well-considered strategy allows a company to maximize its strategic advantages, establish operational management in accordance with global challenges, and quickly respond to changes taking place in the external environment and to the internal processes within the company.

The active participation of our experts in the  development of the strategy for reforming the Ukrainian port and railway sectors confirms the high qualification of our consultants and their clear understanding of the current state of the industry and the processes that will occur in the near future.